CFRC Volunteer Opportunities 

The CFRC is entirely volunteer run. We are comprised of dedicated and generous members of our community who are all passionate about  our mission to assist survivors through their recovery and rebuilding journey. CFRC has a variety of volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in getting involved. 

How to Apply:

Please signup to volunteer using the questionnaire linked here!


Case Management Commitee

Coordinates resource referrals and care for families and individuals impacted by the Creek Fire in Fresno and Madera Counties

Unmet Needs Committee

Receives and acts on referrals from the Case Management Committee to address unmet needs of survivors

Community Infrastructure and Natural Resource Conservation Committee

Coordinates recovery of natural resources and community structures and properties

Health and Wellness Committee

Provides resources to ensure the overall mental and emotional wellness of individuals and families impacted by the Creek Fire

Fundraising and Resource Management Committee

Develops fundraising campaigns and manages donor partnerships to raise funds to help survivors rebuild and recover

Volunteer Coordination Committee

Recruits and coordinates volunteers to meet the needs of the Collaborative and member organizations

Construction Coordination Committee

Oversee and coordinate construction aspects of the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative efforts, especially in regard to the repair, building, and/or rebuilding of physical structures, wells, septic tanks, and other necessary facilities

Communications Committee

Develop a comprehensive and transparent communication strategy to (1) encourage cohesiveness in the long term recovery operation, (2) communicate a compelling story to share with the public, and (3) keep the community informed as disaster recovery progresses

Community Advocacy Council

Work closely with community leaders and residents affected by the Creek Fire to identify values of the community, monitor the effectiveness of The Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative’s efforts, and advocate on behalf of survivors to the Board of Directors, partner agencies, and the public

Events Coordination Committee

Organizes and ensures the smooth operation of The Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative’s events, from planning to implementation