Board Elected Positions

Ari Arroyo
Pine Ridge Community Member and Pine Ridge Volunteer Firefighter
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Ari grew up in the Santa Monica area and spent her summers in Hawaii where her family is from.

One day she was talking with her husband and they decided to get out of the city and move to the ocean or the mountains. The mountains won and they found land on Cressman Road in Shaver Lake.

They built their home and within only a few weeks found they had a whole new family, not just neighbors. “It is an amazing community and we feel blessed to be here. We have lived here for seven years.” said Ari.

They both joined the Pine Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. Ari is an engineer and firefighter. The Cressman Road community lost 75 per cent of its homes.

Ari and her husband were one of the lucky few who’s home survived. As a result, they were able to come back and fight the fire as well as act as a staging area for the outside five companies during the Creek Fire.

Ari shares, “When I was asked to join the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative as chair, I was delighted to say yes. No one would ever have guessed we would be in the situation we are in due to the Creek Fire and helping my mountain community has become my mission. Working together with all the other incredible people and recovery organizations, I am proud to be able to be making a difference and aiding in the post-fire recovery, revival and rebuilding.”
Vice Chair
Donna Martin
Shaver Lake Lions Club President
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Donna was raised in a military family and lived in Utah where her father was stationed. She grew to love and appreciate the mountains. She discovered Shaver Lake when she moved to Fresno after graduate school and got her first teaching job. Later, she moved to Visalia where she raised her family. They spent time in Shaver Lake where her children grew to love the area.

She worked in public education in her entire career as a special education teacher and administrator. After retiring, she became a professor and earned her doctorate focusing on Grit and Perseverance. Dr. Martin works as an adjunct mentoring and teaching at Fresno Pacific University. She has a long history of community service and was a school board member in Visalia for 13 years.

Many people dream of living in the mountains and after contemplating next steps in life, Donna and her husband Louie Martin decided to do just that: they moved to their cabin/home in Shaver. When the Creek Fire area burned, she realized it could have been her family that lost everything, and she did not hesitate to jump in and organize initial recovery efforts through the Shaver Lake Lions.

When she was asked to be vice-chair of the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative, she was honored. She hopes that her efforts will benefit the mountain community as they move on down the road to recovery. She is blessed to be a part of the long-term efforts through the collaborative.
Tanner Michaelson
UWFM, Americrops, MeadowRidge Community Member
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Tanner was born and raised here in Fresno and grew up visiting my families cabin in Camp Sierra near Shaver Lake nearly every weekend with my parents, brothers and grandparents. After graduating from Clovis North High School in 2016, he moved to the Bay Area to begin his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley. After four years of studying political science, he graduated from UC Berkeley last spring after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with an emphasis in international conflict and crisis management.

When the Coronavirus hit last year his entire plans changed as classes were moved online and travel restrictions quickly cancelled by graduation ceremony and senior trip plans. So he decided that during this pandemic he needed to give back to his community and make a difference for those underserved, underrepresented or most impacted by the problems our country was facing whether that be a global pandemic, natural disasters due to climate change or racial inequality. That’s why he signed up to serve with United Way as a Disaster Response and Emergency Preparedness Fellow through AmeriCorps Volunteer Infrastructure Program.

Today, he does all things disaster related, focusing mainly on the two current natural disasters impacting Fresno and Madera Counties, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Creek Fire Recovery effort. Following the Creek Fire, United Way alongside other organizations formed the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative where he has been serving as Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator. He said "It has been such a pleasure to serve with the Collaborative to assist the many survivors that were impacted by the Creek Fire and to assist them navigate this recovery and rebuilding period."
Sandy Jean
Community Member
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Originally from Visalia, Sandy spent lots of time fishing, camping, and waterskiing in the Shaver Lake and Dinkey Creek areas while she was growing up.

Now a mother of two daughters herself, she's shared similar memories with her own children. Sandy is a Fresno State graduate with 25+ years' work experience in the food industry, primarily in research, product development, and regulatory compliance.

After retiring from USC two years ago, she now calls Bass Lake home.

"I absolutely love living in the mountains," she says. "and I'm really looking forward to working with the collaborative to achieve its goals."


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